Online Camera Request Platform (OCRP) business idea

Online Camera Request Platform (OCRP) 

The OCRP is a platform by foriamooz (Mohammad Ali Nezammahalleh) to establish an online video sharing service in urban areas for the public. In the webGIS platform active on areal base-maps, all the participants can sign-up and register their building personal cameras by entering geographic location (UTM XY) of the camera by clicking on the base maps, and other information. Then, the participants can share LIVE videos of their cameras that are online (24/7) and monitoring for their security. The live video data can be shared LIVE for any customer requesting to see the area (the street).

Customers can sign-in and request to watch any point on the map, so the money can be received from the balance of their wallet in the platform. So, in a mutual cooperation, the participants can share their data and on the other side they can also request to monitor another place. So, a participant can be both a data-sharing and also a customer for data watching.

There is no such platform in the world right now, and we can establish it in Tehran City as pilot case.


Product in the plan is the videos connected to the platform by a link and can be allowed to show the live video of the place where they are installed. The platform can use Edge Computing technology on a webGIS server.

Video Watcher (VW):

VW is the customer or any participant in the platform who can register to can watch a given place. The VW can select the place on the map and then select one or a set of the registered cameras to watch a distant place from her/his home.

Video Sharer (VS):

VS is the participant who registers his/her cameras installed in the building for security purposes in the OCRP to receive money by sharing the video data. when it go viral, other people can install cameras in many places and also take this as their job for passive income. this can help to develop the OCRP.

Financial plan

The cameras are running on the personal server and no need for providing a giant server. So, the OCRP can just connect the VW to VS and receive commission. All the VS participants can participate by assigning the permission to the OCRP to give access to any VW as customers. Then, the money is transferred from VW to VS when the commission of the OCRP is received from the transaction. However, in the next development plans the platform can be upgraded to establish on a blockchain to make all the traffic and transactions transparent for participants.

The plan can show a reasonable Return of Investment from the initial days of activity. As we are developing this platform, we need financial support to accelerate the process.